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Capital Square Case Study


Capital Square

Capital Square is a national investment sponsor specializing in tax-advantaged real estate offerings, including Delaware statutory trusts and qualified opportunity zone funds.

Project Start Date: 1st December 2019

Challenge And Results

When we started our work on 1st December 2019, the Capital Square website was not ranking for any relevant 1031 Exchange or Delaware Statutory Trust keyword phrases. As you can see the keyword phrase ‘1031 exchange’ gets a high level of searches every month, over 60,000, but it is also has a keyword difficulty score of 67/hard to rank.

After spending most of that month carrying out on-page SEO and work in line with our initial audit, the website began to rank for specific terms.

Capital Square has gone on to start ranking for 382 new terms relevant to 1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trust, which has resulted in them gaining a massive increase in visits to their website and helped them achieve a record-breaking year, as we outline further on in this case study. 

1031 search volume and kw difficulty

Comparison of Result

In January 2020, the first month we started SEO, Capital Square’s website had 1733 visits. In February that increased to 2191, a 26.5% increase. Over the remaining first 6 months of the campaign, Capital Square received 12,329 to their site.

In the second half of the year, they saw that traffic increase to 30,797. A total of 150% increase in visits to their site for the year.

Year on Year Capital Square saw its traffic go from 11,261 visitors in 2019 to 42,789 in 2020, the year we started their SEO. AN INCREASE OF 279%

Delivering Results

The results shown here are from SEM Rush, one of the leading analytics companies on the web. 

You can see from the monthly organic traffic (visits through natural SEO) the increase in visitors.

In the second chart, which covers the organic keywords Capital Square were ranking for, you can see the increase of keywords on page one, in positions 4-10, increase from 30 to 80, an improvement of 167%

capital square traffic and ranking increases

Record Breaking Year

As a result of our SEO, we were able to help Capital Square achieve phenomenal results financially. Capital Square announced that 2020 was a record-breaking year for the firm, with more than $1 billion in real estate acquisitions and $356 million in equity raised for its Delaware statutory trust, qualified opportunity zone fund, and limited liability company investment offerings. They also increased their revenue by $150million

You can read the full press release here.

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Clients Review

From The Client

NTA Digital has been a tremendous help for our firm. They are a results-oriented company that has helped us increase our website and search-term rankings, and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Louis Rogers
Louis Rogers
CEO & Owner of Capital Square - Richmond VA
Capital Square Logo

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